Vidcon 2014 – Day 2

Back here again from todays events.

It’s certainly been something today. 4 hours of signing and taking pictures for you shitheads.

The Crowd From Day 2
The Crowd From Day 2
Emma and Ryan - Day 2
Emma and Ryan – Day 2

OMG this person was shaking so badly that I grabbed his phone out of his hands to take this picture. (For those who don’t know, Ryan is the one that has been developing this website ever since it went away for some odd reason.)

Sorry for getting out really late but it felt like this should be done. I better not get any crap from you guys saying that I don’t care when I in fact spent 4 hours doing signings and pictures.


VidCon 2014 – Day 1

Hey pimps!

I would like to thank each and every one of you who made it to Olga Kay’s Q&A session. Besides feeling like crashing with the jet lag, it’s been fun to answer all your questions and meet all of you (sorry for being moved around a lot). You guys are what makes me want to do this (the shit heads can take a hike). Tomorrow will be a brand new adventure for all of us.

Here are pictures from today:

Now let me fucking sleep.